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YiYuan Energy airdrop

YiYuan Energy Airdrop is worth 160 $YYE tokens (~$ 8) for each participant. Share your referral link to earn 20 $YYE tokens (~$ 1) for each referral.

About YiYuan Energy

YiYuan Energy (YYE) is one of China’s leading smart energy systems integrators. Using proprietary blockchain-based technology, the company has created an efficient, fair and transparent green energy micro-grid and trading platform to better deliver charging solutions to upwards of 400mil commuters in China who rely on 2 wheeled EV’s. 

Taiwanese blockchain startup BiiLabs announced the cooperation with Chinese charging service company YiYuan to introduce Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into the existing payment mechanism, optimize the original business model, and obtain user information feedback in a timely manner.

YiYuan Energy currently provides charging services for battery cars in China and provides a convenient platform for users and investors at the same time and provides a balance between investors’ returns and users’ usage through blockchain technology. Whenever a user charges an EV through the charging station, the investor will get the income of the YYE token-Electricity Incentive Production Token.

Step-by-Step Guide ‘

  1. Start the YiYuan Energy Airdrop Telegram Bot.
  2. Join YiYuan Energy on Telegram.
  3. Follow @YYE_Energy on Twitter & Quote tweet the pinned post and @tag 3 friends.
  4. Follow YiYuan Energy on Facebook & Like the recent posts.
  5. Follow YiYuan Energy on Instagram & Like the recent posts.
  6. Submit your Metamask wallet address and details to the Bot.  
  7. Share your referral link to earn 20 YYE tokens for each referral.

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Estimated Value

~$ 8 + referral

Tokens per Claim

160 YYE + 20 YYE / ref

Max. Participants



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