X2Y2 Airdrop

X2Y2 Airdrop
  • Total value: 12% of total supply (120,000,000 X2Y2)
  • Platform: ETH

X2Y2 Airdrop to OpenSea Users is live: Users who’ve traded on OpenSea by January 1st, 2022 at Ethereum block #13916166 are eligible for the airdrop.

X2Y2 is an NFT marketplace with industry-proven blockchain solutions. It is designed to avoid the many known issues of OpenSea, and further improve the experience of trading with convenient features like bulk listing, batch purchasing, real-time notification and rarity integration.

  • No private token sale: The liquidity bootstrapping comes directly from a public Initial Liquidity Offering, and are locked permanently.
  • Share the market fees: 100% of market fees collected are rewarded to X2Y2 stakers.
  • Inclusive airdrop: An airdrop that covers all OpenSea users that had traded before, and never expires.

X2Y2 Airdrop Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the X2Y2 webiste.
  2. Connect your ETH wallet.
  3. If you’re eligible, then you will get an airdrop popup showing the number of tokens you’re eligible to claim and the number of NFTs you need to list to claim the airdrop.
  4. Based on your eligible amount, you need to list the required number of NFTs to claim the rewards.
  5. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this post.


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Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

Up to 1,000 X2Y2

Max. Participants



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