WeLoveDOGE NFT airdrop

WeLoveDOGE NFT Giveaway is worth $50 in $DOGE coins & One $DOGE NFT for one lucky winner.  

Mint your WeLoveDOGE NFT starting at 0.01 $ETH. The price will gradually increase until reaching 0.15 $ETH per NFT. Hurry up!

About WeLoveDOGE NFT

WeLoveDOGE is a collection of 15,000 unique DOGE NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain. Each DOGE NFT has been constructed algorithmically by combining a variety of properties with different possibilities in the following categories: Clothing, Background, Location, Behavior, Eyes, Tail, Hair, Mouth.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the WeLoveDOGE NFT Drop page. 
  2. Follow @WeLoveDogeNFT on Twitter. 
  3. Like and retweet this Tweet & @tag 3 friends.
  4. Join WeLoveDOGE on Discord
  5. Mint your WeLoveDOGE NFT starting at 0.01 $ETH to Mint. The price will gradually increase until reaching 0.15  $ETH per NFT.
  6. How to Mint? Click connect to MetaMask, make sure you are connected to Ethereum Network and have some $ETH. Select the number of NFTs you want to mint. Then click Mint and approve the transaction. WeLoveDOGE NFTs can be listed on OpenSea.io after minting

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