VikingsChain airdrop
  • Total Airdrop Amount: 14,000 VIKC
  • Number of Winners: 2,000
  • Airdrop ends: Sep 23, 2021

In Vikingschain, users will experience a number of interesting characters in which each user is able to equip with armour and weapon.

VikingsChain Features:

Train and Battle : Raise and train your heroes for competitive battles Weapons Tiers : User can equip their heroes with weapons, providing superior battle advantages during matches Tournaments : Tournaments will be organized for users to compete and win rewards NFT Rewards: As part of our future development plans, NFT Rewards would be introduced.

How to Participate?

  1. Add VikingsChain to your CMC Watchlist
  2. Follow VikingsChain’s Twitter
  3. Join VikingsChain’s Telegram
  4. Join VikingsChain’s Announcement Telegram
  5. Follow BSCPAD’s twitter
  6. Follow BlueZilla’s Twitter


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