Starpunk airdrop
  • Symbol: STAR
  • value: $20 in STAR
  • Start: Sep 21, 2021 – End: Sep 30, 2021

To award the Early-birds members who have joined our community since day one, Starpunk will officially launch the Community Airdrop Campaign with a huge prize pool: $20,000 in $STAR tokens.

Starpunk helps gaming, NFT, and socialverse projects accelerate their deployment by utilizing white label solutions for redundant needs.

Step by step :

📍Complete these following tasks in the Gleam

 We will distribute the airdrop reward for 4,000 winners in our event following the structure below:
🔆 Top 200 referral members who invite the most friend to participate in the event: $20 in $STAR token each
🔆 Top 3,800 luckiest members in the Lottery Draw: $4.21 in $STAR token each

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Tokens per Claim


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