SingularityDAO Airdrop

SingularityDAO airdrop
  • Airdrop ends 2021-12-10
  • Total value: 2,000 SDAO
  • Platform: ETH

SingularityDAO is a democratically governed Decentralized Autonomous Organization stewarding a non-custodial smart contract network. It aims to foster the growth of the decentralized networks that represent today’s most valuable and promising technological and social innovations via leveraging AI-DeFi to stimulate the growth of the utility-token ecosystem.

SingularityDAO is giving away a total of 2,000 SDAO to SDAO holders. Hold SDAO in a private wallet until December 26th, 2021 and submit your details to the giveaway page to get a chance to win up to 1,000 SDAO.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the SingularityDAO giveaway page.
  2. Buy at least 10 SDAO before December 10th and hold them until December 26th, 2021. You can buy SDAO from KuCoin.
  3. Every 10 SDAO you hold will give you 1 entry. The more SDAO you hold the higher the chance to win the rewards.
  4. Submit your details to the giveaway page.
  5. One lucky participant will win 1,000 SDAO and 10 participants will win 100 SDAO each.
  6. The winners will be announced on December 26th, 2021.


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SingularityDAO Airdrop Requirements:

  • Email required

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