Plutus airdrop
  • Airdrop starts 2020-10-06
  • Total value: 3,500 PLU
  • Platform: ETH


Plutus combines the ease of modern banking with access to cryptocurrencies. The finance app consists of a UK account or a European IBAN to manage fiat, and a non-custodial wallet to manage crypto. The app also includes a decentralized exchange that allows you to swap between both asset forms and a rewarding Visa Debit Card. Every time a user spends with their VISA bank card, which works at over 60 million merchants, they earn 3% back in crypto (PLU). Plutus also offers additional rewards (over 15%) at selected online retail affiliates such as Amazon, Sky, Nike, and many more.

Plutus is airdropping a total of 3,500 PLU tokens to 5,000 exclusive airdrop participants. The first 1,000 valid participants who already claimed the airdrop on 6th of October will still receive 1.5 PLU tokens each. Additional 4,000 new participants will receive 0.5 PLU each. Complete simple social tasks, pass the human verification, and submit your details to the below airdrop form to receive 0.5 PLU tokens each.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Join the Plutus Telegram group.
  2. Follow Plutus on Twitter.
  3. Retweet the Plutus token sale announcement tweet. (Please do not comment on the post, only retweet it)
  4. Your Twitter account must have a minimum of 30 followers.
  5. Follow Plutus on Facebook and like this token sale announcement post. (Optional)
  6. Like the following Youtube video. (Optional)
  7. Pass the human verification quiz and fill out the exclusive airdrop form with your details.
  8. 4,000 new participants will receive 0.5 PLU (~$3.6) tokens. First 1,000 participants who already claimed on 6th of October will still receive 1.5 PLU (~$11) tokens.

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Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim

0.5 PLU

Max. Participants



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