O3 Swap

O3 Swap Airdrop
  • Airdrop starts 2021-04-25
  • Airdrop Link: MORE INFORMATION
  • Total value: n/a
  • Platform: ETH

O3 Swap is a proprietary cross-chain aggregation protocol built by O3 Labs. The mission of O3 Swap is to provide consumers access to cryptocurrency-based, financial services, allowing them to exchange, or ‘swap’, various digital assets within their O3 Wallet.

O3 Swap will be airdropping free O3 tokens to users who test their platform. Make at least one transaction on Swap, Hub, or Add/Withdraw liquidity to get free O3 tokens. The rewards will be distributed in mid-May.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the O3 Swap website.
  2. Connect your ETH, BSC, HECO or NEO wallet.
  3. Now make at least one transaction on the Swap, Hub, or Add/Withdraw liquidity section.
  4. You will get free O3 tokens.
  5. The team hasn’t mentioned the number of rewards.
  6. Also earn additional rewards by participating in different campaigns mentioned in this Medium article.
  7. The rewards will be distributed in mid-May.


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