Monopolist airdrop
  • Symbol: MONO
  • value: 500 MONO ($10)
  • Start: Sep 27, 2021 – End: Oct 8, 2021

In The Monopolist, the players will build their own tactics through rolling dice, investing in buying land, building properties, collecting accommodation fees, and so on, to win the others by various ways. When you become the winner of any battles, you will earn $MONO and $MOB token, especially have chances to receive new characters, materials or items, which you can bring to NFT market for more earnings.

Join the Monopolist Airdrop now and earn 500 MONO ($10) Token. Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free MONO tokens.

Step by step :

  1. Follow @MonoNFTsGame on Twitter
  2. Retweet @MonoNFTsGame on Twitter
  3. Join Telegram
  4. Join Telegram Announcement
  5. Follow Reddit
  6. Follow Medium Channel
  7. Visit their chain YouTube
  8. Refer Friends For Reward
  9. Submit Address Wallet Bep-20


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Tokens per Claim


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  • Telegram required
  • Twitter required
  • Medium required
  • Reddit required

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