Liquidus airdrop

liquidus airdrop
  • Total Airdrop Amount: 100,000 LIQ
  • Blockchain: ETH
  • Airdrop ends: Feb 14, 2022

Participate in the Liquidus Airdrop Campaign. Get up to 5 LIQ.

Liquidus is a practical tool that allows you to easily stake your crypto assets on the leading DeFi platforms. It simplifies liquidity and staking, earning you premium rates fueled by the decentralised economy. It will pick, sort and show you the best investments for your held assets, helping you make your money go further. Becoming a one stop solution for earning decentralised interest is the main vision for Liquidus.

Liquidus airdrop Step by Step Guide

  1. Add Liquidus ($LIQ) as Watchlist on CoinMarketCap
  2. Follow Liquidus Twitter
  3. Join Liquidus Telegram group
  4. Join Liquidus Telegram channel
  5. Follow Liquidus Medium
  6. Join Liquidus Reddit
  7. Follow Liquidus Instagram
  8. Retweet this post

Detailed prize: Top 20000 random winners who have completed all required tasks will receive 5 LIQ tokens per person.


Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim


Max. Participants



  • Twitter required
  • Telegram required
  • Medium required
  • Reddit required
  • Instagram required
  • E-Mail required

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