Kudo Money Giveaway

Kudo Money Giveaway
  • Closes in: 6 Days
  • Estimate value: $75
  • Prize pool: $1500 $KDO

Kudo Money Giveaway is live!

Kudo Money is a On-chain score for DeFi Rewards. Helps users to get access to exclusive APY’s and DeFi rewards based on their on-chain score. Protocol users get rewarded for good on-chain behaviour.  Kudo Money is giving away $1500 $(KDO) to 20 random users for completing simple tasks. Follow our simple step by step guide to participate!

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Kudo Money page
  2. Complete these social tasks
    1. Follow Kudo Money on Twitter
    2. Retweet this tweet and tag friends
    3. Follow Kudo Medium page
  3. 20 Lucky Participants will Claim $75 Each


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Estimated Value


Tokens per Claim


Max. Participants


Kudo Money Giveaway Requirements:

  • Twitter required
  • Telegram required

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