iExec Airdrop

iExec airdrop
  • Total value: n/a
  • Platform: ETH

iExec Airdrop is live! The last round of the Oracle Factory Creator’s Contest begins today. Kick start 2022 with iExec’s lucky draw game “Really Lucky Coiners”

It aims at providing decentralized applications running on the blockchain a scalable, secure and easy access to the services, data-sets and computing resources they need. This technology relies on Ethereum smart contracts and allows the building of a virtual cloud infrastructure that provides high-performance computing services on demand.

iExec is giving away a total of 90 RLC to 5 participants with the best Oracles.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Visit the iExec ‘Official really lucky coiner’ Oracle page.
  2. Make a tweet with :
    1. The number drawn and your wallet adress
    2. A confirmed screenshot
    3. The Hashtag #iExecCreate
  3. Every twitter account has 3 chances to draw per week
  4. The winning numbers will be announced on January 11th and 18th
  5. Rewards will be sent to the Ethereum wallet adress used to trigger the update
  6. Rewards : 1: 20 RLC , 2 : 19 RLC , 3: 18 RLC , 4: 17 RLC , 5: 16 RLC


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iExec Airdrop Requirements:

  • Twitter required
  • Telegram required

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