Forest Knight

Forest Knight airdrop
  • Total Airdrop Amount: 10,000 KNIGHT
  • Number of Winners: 2,000
  • Airdrop ends: Sep 22, 2021

Forest Knight is a Play-to-Earn mobile game powered by Ethereum & Polygon Layer 2. This Free-to-Play Turn-Based Strategy game allows players to build their own team of brave heroes that have all traveled from different realms to join the battle against the Skeleton Master. Your goal is to level up your heroes and equip them with unique and powerful NFTs to aid them in this journey.

During this long journey, you will challenge other knights of the kingdom in the PvP Arena for great rewards, join guilds with like-minded knights and fight in mass battles versus other guilds, train your own pets and gain $KNIGHT tokens every step of the way.

How to participate?

1 — Add $KNIGHT to your CoinMarketCap watchlist

2 — Follow their Twitter Account

3 — Like our new Facebook Page

4 — Join the Telegram chat group and announcement channel

6 — Join Our Discord group

7 — Leave your Matic mainnet address to receive the airdrop.

8 — Leave your Telegram & Twitter handles and your retweet link.

To further increase your chances of winning immensely:

1 — Download and Install Forest Knight Game

2 — Reach level 6

3 — Leave your in-game Name

4 — Leave a review in google playstore

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