fees.wtf Airdrop

fees.wtf Airdrop
  • Blockchain : Ethereum
  • Allocated Token: 1.716.000.000 WTF
  • Airdroppool: $235.740.648

The fees.wtf airdrop will give eligible users the opportunity to claim their free $WTF tokens and/or fees.wtf ‘rekt’ NFT.

fees.wtf will be launching with a great set of features from day one, and more to become available in the near future.

fees.wtf Airdrop Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to the fees.wtf claim page
  2. You will be required to do two transactions, probably costing you ~$150 of ETH in gas. So please consider this before you claim the airdrop if it is worth it for you!
  3. To claim the airdrop, you need to pay a fee of 0.01 ETH in addition to your expected transaction costs.
  4. Connect your wallet 
  5. To be eligible to claim the airdrop, you had to spend at least 0.05 ETH in gas fees before 01.01.2022 01:00:00 UTC.6You can now click on unlock and confirm the transaction if you are eligible.


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