Desmos Airdrop

Desmos cryptocurrency
  • Total value: 21,929,584 DSM
  • Platform: Own chain

Desmos is a blockchain protocol on which to build decentralized social networks. Inside, users will have a unique on-chain identity profile that will not require them to enter any type of personal data, thus allowing them to maintain complete (pseudo) anonymity.

Desmos is airdropping a total of 21,929,584 DSM to various Interchain communities. ATOM, OSMO (stakers & liquidity providers), LUNA, AKT, BAND, CRO, JUNO, KAVA, LIKE, NGM and REGEN stakers are eligible for the airdrop. The snapshot of the projects was taken between August 31, 2021 and October 31st, 2021.

Step by Step Guide

Airdrop claiming steps for non-ledger users

  1. Download the Desmos Profile Manager (DPM)
  2. Create your Desmos wallet.
  3. Click on the airdrop banner from the app and submit one of your eligible addresses. You can check your eligibility from here.
  4. Now create your profile and connect the wallet using your secret recovery phrase.
  5. Select the chain and create a link to link your wallet with Desmos.
  6. Now unlock your wallet and claim the airdrop.
  7. You need to create links for all eligible chains to claim the full airdrop amount.

Airdrop claiming steps for ledger users

  1. Visit the Forbole X website.
  2. Install the Forbole X extension.
  3. Now enable the developer option inside Ledger Live and then download the Desmos Ledger app.
  4. You need at least 0.1 DSM to claim your airdrop. You can get it either by asking the Desmos Discord community or by chatting with this Telegram bot.
  5. Now connect the chains you’re eligible for. You can check your eligibility from here.
  6. Now select your wallet and connect it to your Desmos wallet using Forbole X to claim your tokens.
  7. For more information, see this announcement tweet.


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