DeFiHorse Airdrop

DeFiHorse airdrop CAMPAIGN
  • Airdrop ends: Feb 11, 2022
  • Total Airdrop Amount: 5,000 NFT
  • Symbol: DFH

Participate in the DEFIHORSE AIRDROP CAMPAIGN | a horse-racing game in the Horseverse universe with top-notch graphics. Get up to 1 NFT.

DeFiHorse is a horse-racing game in the Horseverse universe. First expression you’ll show when entering DeFiHorse’s track field will be amazed, the track field looks dazzling as the team put so much effort into building it using the trendy Cyberpunk graphic design. Our horses’ bloodlines: Chaos, Titan, Poseidon and Heroic, each one of them have their own characters, their own skills. In addition, what makes DeFiHorse stand out from the others is that it isn’t simply a horse-racing game, here we can also build your own house, raise and gear up your horses.

In this Airdrop, DeFiHorse will be giving you 5,000 NFT Box (1 NFT Box each) containing 2 items: TYPHON SKIN and GALA SCOPES which are the 2 most hunted items in the DeFiHorse’s track field.

  • TYPHON SKIN inherits the power from the Gods of War
  • GALA SCOPES sees through the lies of dictating Gods.

These items will be taking a big part in your journey to the $1,000,000 finish line.

DeFiHorse Airdrop Step by Step Guide

  1. Add $DFH token to your CoinMarketCap watchlist
  2. Follow DeFiHorse Official Twitter
  3. Follow DeFiHorse Co-founder & CEO (Mr. Edison Mai) Twitter Account
  4. Join DeFiHorse Official Discord Server
  5. Like, Retweet the DeFi Horse x CoinMarketCap Airdrop Announcement & Tag at least 3 friends with the following hashtags: #DeFiHorse #DFH #Coinmarketcap
  6. Join DeFiHorse Global Telegram
  7. Follow DeFiHorse Medium


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