DeepBrainChain airdrop

DeepBrain Chain Bounty program is worth Free $DBC tokens for promoting DeepBrainChain via Twitter or Telegram! 

DeepBrain Chain’s vision is to become the world’s largest AI computing network.

About DeepBrainChain

DeepBrain Chain vision is to build the infrastructure for the 5G + AIoT era, which aims to provide all industries with low-cost, private and secure high-performance computing power. DeepBrain Chain’s mission is to accelerate the advancement of artificial intelligence in an era that is undergoing an explosion of smart devices

Step-by-Step Guide

Twitter Campain: 5~10 stakes per week

  1. Follow @DeepBrainChain on Twitter. 
  2. Retweet + Like + Comment * 3 times per week.
  3. Make 1 weekly personal Tweet with 3 hashtags: #DBC #Blockchain #Crypto.
  4. Submit your Polkadot wallet address and details to the Twitter Bounty form.  

Telegram Campain: Split 150000 $DBC

  1. Join DeepBrain Chain on Telegram
  2. Make at least 5 links to posts/chat in other cryptocurrency-related Telegram groups wearing DBC avatar.
  3. Submit your Polkadot wallet address and details to the Telegram Bounty form.  

Extra bonus for referees: 10 $DBC per referral

  1. Invite people to join DeepBrain Chain on Telegram. Each participant can refer a maximum of 20 users. 
  2. Your referrals need to finish the telegram sign-up form and fill in the “referer” blank with your telegram username.

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Estimated Value

10,000,000,000 $DBC

Tokens per Claim


Max. Participants



  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Email


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