Daikage airdrop
  • Daikage Airdrop competition prize pool is worth 1150 Million $Daikage tokens for the lucky winners! 10 top spots will receive 15 million $Daikage tokens each guaranteed & 200 morewinners will be chosen randomly and receive 5 million $Daikage tokens each!

About Daikage

Daikage is an innovative anime-inspired NFT Project on Binance Smart Chain. Earn $DAI by holding and win huge prizes in the uniquely designed NFT fueled regular Lotteries!  

Daikage has a 13% total tax on all transactions:

  • 6% fee from all transactions is redistributed to holders as Dai coins
  • 3% is accumulated in the Daily Lottery prize pool
  • 4% is used to cover the marketing expenses and pay the team

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Login to the Daikage Airdrop page. 
  2. Join Daikage on Telegram
  3. Follow @DaikageNFTbsc on Twitter. 
  4. Unlock 2 entries for visiting the Daikage BSC YouTube Channel.
  5. Perform more tasks to earn more entries.
  6. Submit your BSC wallet address and details to the Airdrop page.
  7. Share your referral link for extra entries. 

Claim airdrop

Daikage is the wise and generous spiritual leader from the Land of Apes (Ruijin’en no kuni). Wallets holding at least X $Daikage tokens which also own at least 1 Daikage NFT will have a chance to win one of 15 prizes in Daily Lotteries.

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Estimated Value


Total Airdrop Allocation

1150 Million $Daikage

Max. Participants



  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Youtube
  • Email


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