CoPuppy airdrop
  • CoPuppy Airdrop x CoinMarketCap >USD20K in tokens
  • Airdrop ends: Sep 16, 2021
  • Total Airdrop Amount: 9,200 CP
  • Number of Winners: Number of Winners

CoPuppy is a new and safe, opportunity-and fun-filled dapp process deployed in Binance smart chain, friendly and open to developers, which makes it possible to be compatible with mainstream and innovative DeFi products. Copupy supports multiple types of original DEFI applications, it can help developers and users experience a new NFT experience.

Step by Step Guide

1 – Follow us at Twitter

2 – Join telegram

  1. Complete more tasks here

4 – Add CP to CMC watch list

  1. Refer people to participate in 2500$ worth of tokens rewards too.
  2. Winning wallet addresses can be viewed here at the end of the airdrop – Here

If you are selected as one of the winner, CoPuppy Airdrop Tokens will be deposited to your account by 21/09/2021. Please note that we will only be able to airdrop if a suitable wallet is provided, So please make sure the details you enter are correct. Everyone is welcome to participate, except for duplicate entries and bots, which will be disqualified automatically by our system.

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