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Blockswap Network airdrop
  • Blockswap Network- Fixed Income Products on DeFi with an Automated stake liquidity for PoS chains.

StakeHouse is an AMM designed for non-custodial liquidity abstraction of staked ETH2 to DeFi. It provides a steady passive yield for restaking ETH2 in addition to native staking rewards. StakeHouse is a fully permissionless, autonomous, and non-custodial liquidity protocol.

dETH- Slashing protected staked ETH2 , anyone can be ETH2 staker simply holding dETH and enjoy staking rewards and more.
SLOT- Steady cashflow from StakeHouse yield aggregation and voting rights on node management.
Brand SHNFT- A unique fractional NFT for Stakehouse – ticker with debt underwriting capabilities for DeFi.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Start chat with Blockswap Telegram Bot.
  2. Complete the human verification.
  3. Download the Metamask wallet and click command “/walletReady” in the bot.
  4. Claim your NFT (claim is free) – Copy the mentioned link and paste it in the Metamask browser (switch to Rinkeby network). Then click command “/claimedNFT” in the bot.
  5. Join the StakeHouse Group & Start the bot (Collab.Land). Verification bot will generate link for you. Open it in the Metamask browser. While in the group, run “/claim stake” command. After that, click command “/complete” in the bot.
  6. A total of $2500 worth of cBSN tokens will be shared among all participants. Each user receives 100 CBSN + Variable CBSN Game Rewards + Entry into $2,500 Prize Draw..
  7. For more cBSN tokens, join other StakeHouses group and your reward will be MULTIPLIED by 6! (Repeat same steps in all groups)


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