BeatzCoin airdrop
  • Total value: 125,000,000 BTZCspt
  • Platform: Syscoin

BeatzCoin and VibraVid together contribute an ecosystem that allows creators and users a means of barter, peer-to-peer, for goods, services, through bounties, and as prizes. BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency which is the trade of value on the VibraVid platform.

To celebrate the partnership between VibraVid and Syscoin, VibraVid will be airdropping a total of 125,000,000 BTZCspt tokens to all SYS Mastnode holders and to anyone who holds more than 20,000 SYS coins.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. BeatzCoin will be airdropping a total of 125,000,000 BTZCspt tokens to all the qualified SYS Masternode and SYS coin holders.
  2. A total of 105,000,000 BTZCspt tokens will be equally shared among all SYS Masternode holders. For more information regarding owning an SYS Masternode, see this page.
  3. A total of 20,000,000 BTZCspt tokens will also be equally shared among SYS holders who hold more than 20,000 SYS coins in an SYS supported wallet.
  4. The airdrop will run from November 1st, 2020 till January 31st, 2021 and a snapshot will be taken on the 15th of every month.


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